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Added new embedded section meant to collect software on board experience.
For now only snowball

Turin 2013, afterwords

The meeting was a great success, good time, good food and drinks and nice weather. Looking now forward to the next etezian meeting!

Turin 2013

Under the Mole Antonelliana shadow will happen the first etezian meeting.

On 30th of May etezian guys will meet in the northern Italy city to share experience and passion for open source.

  • Monday 13th May at 9pm meeting on etezian irc channel; everyone who is willing to join the etezian meeting is invited to join.


Etezian's member Andi has presented at FOSDEM 2013 the concept and the use of programmable state machine accelerometers.

Download the slides of the event here

Drivers will be soon available on etezian.org

FSF Microsoft's Restricted Boot campaign

We would like to invite you to sign the Free Software Foundation campaign against Microsoft's Restricted Boot campaign.

Stand up for your freedom to install free software


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